Malibu Hills Home

Malibu, CA



This beautiful, private home nestled deep in the hills of Malibu looks like it could have been taken from the coastal northeast and set into the majestic landscape of Southern California. Interiors include versatile, large communal spaces with wooden floors and big windows with lots of natural light, as well as two balconies with views of the Malibu hills.  Exteriors include a large open patio area with benches perfect for sitting around a fire, an adjacent covered patio/barbecue area, a long driveway, a lush open front yard, wooden stairs that could seemingly lead anywhere, and even a DIY swing set, all backdropped by the surrounding greenery. This location is perfect for events, productions, off site meetings, film and still shoots and is available 7 days a week for print, commercial, television, feature film, and still photography.



  • Private, secluded home
  • Plenty of parking and additional production parking lot available for trailers
  • Lush landscaping
  • Modern interiors
  • Outdoor craft service area
  • Various vignettes for film and still shoots
  • Mountain views
  • Located 15 minutes from Malibu beaches



Policy 1 : Requires 72 hours advance notice to reserve

Policy 2 : For Stills - Cast/Crew over 15 will incur additional rates

Policy 3 : For Stills - B-roll will inquire additional rates 

Policy 4 : Film LA Permit required 

Email for questions.